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Anarchy in the FC: Lone protestor on College

Chris, musician and anarchist, near the corner of Mulberry and College 3/29/2009

I’ve known about three kinds of anarchists in Fort Collins.

1. Those who break windows anonymously and then claim responsibility anonymously .

2. Those who use  the principles of anarchy for personal gain. But then invoke the legal system as soon as the collective votes them off the island.

3. And those who think gardening and chicken keeping may be key to unhooking us all from government dependency.

Resistence is fertile!

3 comments to Anarchy in the FC: Lone protestor on College

  • I’m all for number 3 ‘gardening and chicken keeping’ :-) Self-sufficiency is a good thing.

  • In a higher phase of communist society… only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be fully left behind and society inscribe on its banners: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs; present company excepted!

  • i’ve been really inspired by the house on myrtle (where the alley cat family live) that has a full yard garden. it’s both beautiful and productive.

    and, of course, i’m inspired by the ginormous garden at the corner of oak and grant. (i noticed his tomatoes are already going in.)

    i usually garden in our back yard. but the trees tend to block the sun there. so, when all the work on our house is done, i’m hoping to get more veggie garden put into the front yard. i’ve got to keep enough grass for the dogs to still run each other ragged without running over my tomatoes. but there’s enough space that i think i could put quite a bit of stuff in there. just wish i was better at laying out how it should all go in so that it looks nice, too.

    i’d love to get chickens, but i suspect our yard is too short. :-(