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Turkey vultures return to Mountain Ave

No matter what the calendar says, Winter isn’t over in Fort Collins until the vultures return to their pines at 920 W. Mountain. 

The first of them arrived today (Tuesday).  Soon,  50 or more will follow.  

Welcome home, guys.

Happy Spring everybody.


5 comments to Turkey vultures return to Mountain Ave

  • noë

    Happy Spring!

  • tburton1004

    Another funky/wonderful sign of spring in Fort Collins is the opening of the drive in theater — I saw someone putting the letters up on the marquee just the other day.

  • catfc

    @Tburton1004 Excellent point. I intend to go over there and get a photo. Thank you.

  • No one believes me when I tell them all about the tree of turkey vultures. I’ll never forget that huge thunderstorm approaching and their slowness and patience in landing to safety in the big tree.

  • Jim

    I am at 906 W. Mountain Ave. This looks like the place you are talking about. There is no 920 W Mointain. I also didn’t see any buzzards. Is it too late?