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Bank detritis: Poudre Valley Bank's old vault and drive thru

After my last post, reader Jim Burrill pointed out that the building at 101 S. College once housed  Poudre Valley Bank. He even posted an old photo and a history on his own blog (recommended!). 

It’s easy to remember that bank because they didn’t clean up the place entirely when they moved out in the 1960s. Here are 3 things they left behind:

1. An abandoned brick drive-through in the alley behind College and Mountain Avenues:

2. A tunnel running from the basement to the drive through (I’ve only heard about this. Must be to service the pneumatic systems.)

3. And this …

Vault related device, left behind by Poudre Bank

I don’t know what this is. The folks at City Drug said it’s related to a vault from the bank, but they couldn’t say how.

It’s attached to the very thick wall behind the pharmacy. Do any of you know what it might be for?



To start-turn tee handle

and pull out fully 

to communicate-stop motor 

by pushing switch button in


Post script

As you might guess, the drive thru structure didn’t make it into our big downtown alley revitalization plan. I assume it won’t remain much longer: 


Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

6 comments to Bank detritis: Poudre Valley Bank's old vault and drive thru

  • Matty and Lesley

    This is most likely the lock from the vault. Yale makes locks. Take a peek at your keys–you may have one that says “Yale” on it!
    If this lock isn’t to the vault, it’s probably to some door that required higher security.
    Fun post! We’ve parked back there by the drive through while visiting Walrus!

  • “It’s easy to remember that bank because they didn’t clean up the place entirely when they moved out in the 1960s. Here are 3 things they left behind:”

    Similarly, what will truly be interesting to see is when (not if) the new(er) banks along East Harmony start closing due to consolidation, elimination, etc. Picturing these banks as future Chinese restaurants, churches, and charter schools is kinda fun.

    (Great site btw!)

  • catfc

    @colorebel Good point. I’m thinking of launching a new blog: DeadBanks.com.

  • Darrin

    Hmm, this is interesting. We visited the new location of the Nepalese shop in Old Town Square, which is located next door to the Ten Thousand Villages store inside of what was until recently the Botique Bravo and Mother Lode Gallery. When asked how he liked their latest (#3) location, the man working there expressed that the basement was a little bit scary and that there was an old tunnel that lead to the City Drug building across the street. He said he believed that back when the City Drug building was still a used as a bank that money would be brought into the bank through the tunnel as a safety precaution. He said that the tunnel entrance is now blocked off, but it’s still a little bit spooky down there. I wonder if your picture represents part of the tunnel entrance from the bank?

  • Josh

    That would be the vault air vent. If you got locked in the vault follow the directions and it would circulate fresh air into the vault.

  • catfc

    Thank you! That sounds right!