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Just because it's old and local

Lost Fort Collins loves almost everything old and local. But not cameras.

Today, I’m throwing over my locally produced HP Photosmart for a bitchen new Japanese camera.


I bought the Photosmart 315 second hand, 9 years ago, for all the change in my pocket.

I never figured out how to turn the flash off, or even how to make it take a picture every time I pushed the “take a picture” button.

It’s been holding us back. 

Let’s  hope this marks the end of too familiar Lost Fort Collins phrases like “you can’t really see from the picture but….” and “well, you’ll just have to go see it yourself.”

Look for new  photos starting now on the Flickr page (Beyond the Blog, at right).

3 comments to Just because it's old and local

  • Lauren

    You gotta change with the times – but preserve what is precious. That’s why you’re so good at this… and why we need to keep a record of the cool things that make Fort Collins great. Keep up the standard, while using tools that work best in the evironment.

  • Congrats on the new camera! Looking forward to your photos.