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City works and city shwag

I found this historic piece of city shwag at EcoThrift. Most of us can remember times when we tried to conserve water, but this hearkens to a time when we also conserved sand: Just 3.5 minutes on your 5-minute shower timer.

But that was another time and another logo.

What’s going on with […]

Anarchy in the FC: Lone protestor on College

Chris, musician and anarchist, near the corner of Mulberry and College 3/29/2009

I’ve known about three kinds of anarchists in Fort Collins.

1. Those who break windows anonymously and then claim responsibility anonymously .

2. Those who use the principles of anarchy for personal gain. But then invoke the legal system as soon as […]

Turkey vultures return to Mountain Ave

No matter what the calendar says, Winter isn’t over in Fort Collins until the vultures return to their pines at 920 W. Mountain.

The first of them arrived today (Tuesday). Soon, 50 or more will follow.

Welcome home, guys.

Happy Spring everybody.

Beaver's Market: A mom & pop grocery competes against supermarkets and superstores

Every day we’re here, is one more example of how America is supposed to work.

Beaver’s Market is the last neighborhood market in Fort Collins.

Last year, Matt Campbell produced this story for 88.9 KRFC Community Radio about how the family-owned grocery competes, and thrives, in a world of interstate superstores.

(Pictures by Lostfortcollins):



Bank detritis: Poudre Valley Bank's old vault and drive thru

It’s easy to remember Poudre Valley Bank because they didn’t clean up the place entirely when they moved out in the 1960s. Here are some things they left behind. […]

Vintage safe at City Drug for sale

City Drug in Old Town keeps its most extraordinary curiosity behind the counter where you can’t see it. And now this hidden treasure is for sale. […]

The irrigation tell: Snow on Longs Peak indicates water supply

The Big Thompson Project created a system dams and diversions in the late 1940s. It brings water under the divide and averages our rainfall and snowpack. So if there is a man in Long’s Peak, he’s defunct anyway. […]

Pup tents, prayer flags, and the amazing glass dome

Recently, two readers who no longer live around here remembered the elegant glass dome at the Northern Hotel Ballroom. Is it still there? Yep. Here’s where to look. […]

Just because it's old and local

Even Lost Fort Collins has to admit that just because something is old and local doesn’t always make it perfect. […]

Lick and stick brick: Asphalt siding in Fort Collins

Thanks to the remodeling boom, there aren’t as many homes left with rolled asphalt siding. Lost Fort Collins gives a shout out to our old lick and stick brick heritage. […]