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Smoking and spitting at the Perennial Gardener

Say you’re walking down College Avenue one day and your friend says, “Ooooh! Sense of Place. I Looooove that store! Let’s go in.”   Sense of Place and its sister, Perennial Gardener, are paradise to many women. Chick heaven.

But say you’re not  into it. Like because you’re a guy or something. Here’s a little historic trivia to make your purgatory, er, visit more poignant.

In the middle of the last century, 160 N. College was actually guy heaven! It was Griffith’s Cigars, Griffith’s Sporting Goods, and Griffith’s Billiards. Look at the floor, and you’ll see burn marks everywhere from the man years.

Along the North wall, see if you can spot where pool players once shot dozens of cigarettes toward the cuspidor. And missed.


They didn’t even bother to retrieve their smoldering butts. But that was okay. That was another time, long ago, back when you could smoke indoors.

And spit.

Now, you’re standing just where they stood. Only surrounded by bird feeders, fragrant hand lotions, and clever wood signs instead of guns and hand chalk.

Here’s one more thing fun thing to look for, on the South wall of Perennial Gardener, where the plaster still sticks to the brick. Behind the new antiques, you can see penciled Chinese characters from the Woo Lee Laundry that occupied the building in the early 1900s.

My camera doesn’t pick it up, so look here:



Thanks to the owners of PG and SoP for showing me around. They even moved furniture so I could get these shots. Not only do they have impeccable taste, they’re good sports too!

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