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Old Corner Book Shop to close Friday

After 34 years in Fort Collins, Jane Tester will close her Old Corner Book Shop at 216 Linden on Friday.

Tester had a stroke in December and will move closer to her family in Elizabeth, CO. 

The family plans to open the store for the last time on Friday afternoon. “If there’s something you’ve been really wanting, that will be your last chance to get it,” Tester’s son-in-law  said.

The family has put the building and business up for sale. It includes the entire book store, all 23,000 volumes, and the upstairs space–used only for storage in the past 30 years.  

“This bookstore was my mother’s life,” Tester’s daughter, Jacky Canton,  said.  “We’re hoping to sell the building and business to someone who’ll keep it open.”

I’m hoping for that too.

Want to buy a bookstore? Please? You can contact Jacky Canton at JCanton@q.com. Or write me off line if you want her phone number.

5 comments to Old Corner Book Shop to close Friday

  • I’m thinking you should buy it. I could totally see you owning a bookstore like that.

  • Kip W

    Bummer. I shopped at the place when it was still run by original owner Jenny in Trimble Court, across the tracks from the First National Bank. Jacky used to play in a little group that sometimes came to our house to play baroque music together. Would that I could get back to my home town more than twice in a decade.

    Here’s hoping Jane’s health comes back, though I know that won’t mean the store coming back, but I would like for her to get better.

  • How did things turn out? Did anybody buy the stuff? It’s rumored a family friend of ours had some bookish thoughts, but I won’t mess things up by mentioning any names.

  • catfc

    The folks who own the Indigo Rose bought it and are reopening it. Yay!

  • Great!

    The original location of “The Book Shop,” when it was being run by original owner Bonnie Tremaine (or was it Germain?) was 208 South Mason.

    I managed a comic and used book/record shop in the same location when it was “The Fort Collins Comic Center.” I was a customer for a while, then the assistant manager, then manager, finally getting fired on Good Friday of 1976. Owner Chuck Rozanski has since kindly told me that I’d been right about low sales being caused by the location.

    Fort Collins wasn’t a great spot for him anyway. He’s selling nationwide now, by mail order, as well as having the Denver location, all under the name “Mile High Comics.”