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Debbie Duz Donuts

donut-cup1 [For Meg]

We had an adult doughnut shop around 1989.

Located on the northeast corner of I-25 and Highway 14, it survived only a few months.

 “Sheriff Jim Black was gunning for the owner of that place from the day it opened,” says my friend whose name I won’t say because he was a regular there (and somehow he remains my friend anyway). 

“And the local Bible thumpers hated it too,” he says. 

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t popular. Truckers from all over the country packed the parking lot every night. The local men stopped by after work.  Even Geraldo came out and did a story.

They came out to pay $2.25 for ordinary cups of coffee served by topless women.

The women weren’t as comely as the one on the coffee mug. Rather they were a little more “gravitationally challenged” than your average college girls, and Sheriff Jim Black felt sure they were selling more than coffee, I’m told. 

“So how were the doughnuts?” I asked my friend, the regular.

“I don’t remember,” he says.

But he does remember the day the sheriff finally busted the owner on a drug charge. “I called my brother and said, ‘guess what? Sheriff Jim Black closed Debbie duz Donuts today’.”

“That sonofabitch,” he replied.

16 comments to Debbie Duz Donuts

  • deacon bottle

    Those were the days!

  • Oh my! I can see all the self-righteous taking up arms and marching on the capitol! What a fun story!

  • lol! this is hilarious. *saunters off to post a link on her site*

  • Jack Bowers

    It was alright as long as Debbie only did doughnuts. The problem arose when Debbie sold some crystal meth to a Sheriff’s deputy. Self-righteousness had nothing to do with it. They broke the law in an extremely stupid manner.

  • catfc

    You’re right, Jack. The owner tried to appeal the bust saying the drugs were planted on him and the Sheriff was harassing him. But in the end, he admitted to having the drugs and the appeal was thrown out. Details of the case are here: http://www.altlaw.org/v1/cases/1053572

  • Kip W

    I taped that Geraldo episode, hoping to see some local scenery, but apart from an ambiguous establishing shot, it was all interviews and fuzzed-out waitresses.

  • geek

    Silver was my favorite waitress. They should have cut down on the mirror and chrome in there though. Silver was the prettiest dish!

  • wordsbybob

    I never went there. Really! But my uncle in California always gave me a hard time about it. If he called and I was not home, he would leave a message about me being out for a doughnut.

    He found out the place was closing and sent me a real Hallmark-type condolence card.

    Bob McDonnell http://www.wordsbybob.com

  • Connie

    I use to work there!!! I was known as C.J. if anyone remembers me. I had a tatoo of my initials on my right breast, I was known as the only waitress with a nametag. Some called me the Georgia peach. I was the youngest waitress there. I was NOT gravitationally challenged by any damn means! I was there from the time they opened until the day they closed down. It lasted more than a couple of months..i dont remember how longe exactly but it was over a year. I got the impression that bastard Sheriff Jim Black thought we were prostitutes…well hell no we werent. Now I am grown with kids of my own but I wouldnt change my younger days for anything..but if I caught my daughter working at a place like that..i’d kill her!

  • catfc

    Hi Connie, You can’t see it from where you are, but as administrator, I can… a lot of people are coming to read your comment and telling each other about it. Thanks so much for giving us a great first-hand perspective!

  • the only waitress with a nametag. lol! LOVE IT! that rocks, connie.

  • wordsbybob

    LOL Now that is a NAMETAG!

  • I had completely forgotten about that place! Still living in the dorms, not having a car, I didn’t get around town much, so it was something I heard about or read about in the Collegian. Thanks for the memories of the uproar around Debbie Duz Donuts (I remember Geraldo coming to town for that! Perfect Geraldo fodder).

  • Bob

    I remember being stationed at Lowry, AFB. To make a long story short a couple buddies of mine and I saw the Geraldo episode and decided after visiting the Fort Collins Bud Brewery we would visit the donut shop. Great donuts? I honestly don’t remember! Good coffee? Slips my mind wether it was or not! But I do remember this it was the best donut place a 24 year old man ever went to.

    By the way CJ I don’t remember if you worked there that day or not but my hat is off to you and all of the other girls that worked there.

  • Carl Moczydlowsky

    Seems like Fort Collins is back to Geraldo type fodder again. Balloon Boy makes me long for the Rush Limbaugh bake sale and of course Debbie Duz Donuts!

  • catfc

    We also had the ex-wife of the Letterman blackmailer just a couple weeks ago. Fort Collins belongs on some kind of top 10 list for cheesy media magnets.