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FC Activists: Agreeing to disagree since 2001

Here’s a little something about us for those of you who aren’t from here. Or aren’t from here anymore:  We agree to disagree. Every single Saturday, at 12-1pm.  For the past 7+ years.

If you’re against war (but certainly not against the troops), you take the NW corner of College and Mulberry in front of the old Safeway.


If you’re for the troops (but certainly not  for war), you take the NE corner of College and Mulberry in front of the new Safeway.


If you’re too busy on Saturday, you can just honk for your side on your way to Home Depot. 

I don’t really have a side. But I sometimes count how many people protest on each side as a barometer of local leanings. So far, it’s usually about even.

4 comments to FC Activists: Agreeing to disagree since 2001

  • Interesting post, thanks Cat.

    I’m very glad that Fort Collins has a place where people can voice their opinions. I saw some folks there a couple of days ago protesting about the holocaust in Gaza.

    It reminds me a bit of Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speakers%27_Corner

  • I rather enjoyed one Saturday during the weekly protests, when on the SW corner there was a lone individual bearing a large sign advertising a furniture store going out of business. Support the futons!

  • I didn’t realize this went on every single weekend! I do enjoy seeing them, though, and everybody always looks so cheerful, despite which side they’re on. 😀

  • catfc

    What surprised me most is how long they’ve been doing it.

    I haven’t driven past at the right hour since Obama took office. I wondered whether it’s petered out since then, maybe replaced by sign spinners for tax services and Kelly Ohlsen.