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Old Corner Book Shop

Imagine if Powell’s Books (or Tattered Cover or any of the old greats) only had 800 sq ft to work with. Like that. […]

Debbie Duz Donuts

[Warning, post rated PG] Once we had an adult doughnut shop, around 1989. Located on the northeast corner of I-25 and Highway 14, it survived only a few months. “Sheriff Jim Black was gunning for the owner of that place from the day it opened,” says my friend, the regular. […]

That guy who lived in a car?

In a bigger city, Wesley would have been a nameless homeless guy, an addled WWII vet with an inconsistent story. But this is Fort Collins, so the papers wrote stories and people worried about him. […]

Freaks, hoaxes, & ghosts: A trip to the Stock Show

The press releases and tour guides can tell you all about the National Western Stock Show. But here are a few things they don’t highlight so much … […]

FC Activists: Agreeing to disagree since 2001

Here’s a little something about us for those of you who aren’t from here. Or aren’t from here anymore: We agree to disagree. Every single Saturday, at 12-1pm. For the past 7+ years. […]

BPOE building braces for last rites

Staying hip and relevant is ideal if you’re a business or a rock band. But it’s a death sentence if you’re a building: A quick history of 140 E. Oak. […]