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Just buy a new one: Ft. Collins war memorial

Fort Collins City Council member Diggs Brown is spearheading a campaign to build a new monument,  Veteran’s Plaza, in Fort Collins. He says:

This is a worthy project that will be here long after we are dead and gone.  This will be here for generations. -Coloradoan, Nov. 8, 2008

But if history is any indicator, you probably will outlive this memorial. And the one after that:  Our last two military monuments lasted 45 and 20 years, respectively. 

Honor Roll Memorial stood at the corner of LaPorte and College from 1944 to 1993. We decommissioned it in 1989 because we built one we liked better at Edora Park.

Honor Roll Memorial decomissioning, 1989. Photo from Ft.C. Museum Archives.

Honor Roll Memorial decommissioning, 1989. (Photo FTC Museum Archives.)

Preservationists tried to save Honor Roll, but veterans complained that it was shabby and disrespectful.  Besides, they argued, it is inappropriate to have two memorials.

Edora Memorial is our current and official monument to war dead. Did you even know we had a current and official memorial? It’s so out of the way– sometimes I think we’re buying  the new memorial because we forgot where we left the the old one.

If veterans find the Edora memorial redundant after Veteran’s Plaza is built, Edora will have had a life span of ~20 years.


Edora Veteran's Memorial

Edora memorial


Veteran’s Plaza. At this rate, I give the new Veteran’s Plaza 9 years.


You can still visit the original Honor Roll Memorial, in a way.  After it was dismantled, parts of it found a new home in front of the VFW on Lesser Drive.


Flagpole and base at VFW

Flagpole and base at VFW

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