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Odetta's practically secret show in Fort Collins

Some folks sing songs. Odetta testified.–Time magazine

In the early 1990s, I rented cheap office space at the Northern Hotel. That’s how I saw the single flyer at Bar Bazarre announcing Odetta in concert. It was the only public notice for the show.

 The Northern’s owner, Bill Stark, said the singer was in town for a wedding, and her friends wanted a place to hear her play. They put a few tickets on sale, but the crowd was mostly wedding party.

Iconic folk singer singing to a room full of friends. I can tell you now, that’s the best kind of show there is.

Odetta died on Tuesday.
(Update: Obituaries reveal that Odetta’s son resides in Fort Collins. Thanks to 3DSound at Dragging the Line for the tip!)

(Update2: Jan 28, 2009 Article in Fort Collins Now interviews Odetta’s “son,”  Boots Jaffree, )

Photo by Burnt Pixel on Flickr (click for photostream)

(Photo by Burnt Pixel on Flickr)

2 comments to Odetta's practically secret show in Fort Collins

  • auntie noë

    Love the new banner! Odetta was one of my faves during my folk music days (college and after), but I forgot about her over the years. This seems to be kind of a strange story, doesn’t it? Did everyone forget her over the years?

  • catfc

    Thanks about the banner, Noe. Flickr’s “Plastic Dollhouse” let me use it.

    I don’t know how well known Odetta is today. According to some obits she expected to sing at the inauguration–which would have certainly brought her back to the public eye. She kept a big poster of Obama on the wall by her bed.