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Hidden Fort Collins: Green Bay Packers trailer

The Green Bay Packers trailer home doesn’t belong on a Lost blog so much as a Hard-to-find blog. It’s hidden in plain site on our busiest street.  

I think it’s symbolic of our tremendous tolerence. Because if you painted up your trailer home in Bronco Blue and Orange and perched it above mainstreet Wisconsin, you might have different results ….


It’s real hard to get a good picture of the trailer, even with the leaves off the trees. So, if you’re a fan, best you make the pilgrimage yourself to South College for the full effect. It’s a Lambeau leap from the city limits sign.

1 comment to Hidden Fort Collins: Green Bay Packers trailer

  • wordsbybob

    Thanks for mentioning this trailer. I used to work at Carolyn’s Cuisine (Cottonwood Club now) and I alway wondered about it.

    I am amazed no Bronco fan(atic) repainted it or graffitied it.

    Is it vacant now? Maybe Brett Favre could use it as a vacation home. HA

    Bob McDonnell http://www.wordsbybob.com