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11 Lost Fort Collins businesses

[As I research historic Fort Collins, I come across pictures and advertisements for stores I wish I could visit. Except for #6, all were gone before I got here. If you know more about these places or want to contribute your own favorite lost businesses, just comment below or write me.]

1. Iverson Dairy, Shields and 287

“Remember they (children) need the best. Home delivery, S&H Green Stamps, Visit our milk bar”


What’s there now? Rocky Mountain Adventures

2. Emry Clothing Company, College and Mountain

“The store ‘right’ on the corner”


[Look at that sign! We used to be so fabulous!]

What’s there now? Austin’s restaurant.

3. Barrett’s House of a Million Parts, 513 Riverside


[Seems like the kind of place that would sell you the part and then loan you a wrench.]

What’s there now? Vacant. Near Mulberry and Riverside intersection.

4. Al and Ruth’s Cafeteria, 226 S. College

Specialized pastries, a fountain, and bulk ice cream.


[I hear the pastries were memorable.]

What’s there now? Poudre Valley Appliance/Tony’s

5. Standard Mercantile, 154 W. Mountain

“Northern Colorado’s largest collection of records. Classical–semi classical–popular. Columbia — Capital — Decca — R.C.A. — Victor”


[I could never walk past a record store.]

What’s there now? Offices [note edge of Scrivner’s grocery next door]

6. Stone Lion Bookstore, College and Mountain


What’s there now? Beau Jo’s Pizza

7. N&R bar, Linden & Walnut


[SPECIAL FEATURE! Click on the picture to “go inside”]

What’s there now? Nature’s Own

8. Wood’s Music, 246 Linden

“Pianos, piano players, Edison Phonographs, Records and Supplies, Sheet Music”


[Featuring 2 music stores in honor of our soon to be lost, The Finest. Read the article in the Fort Collins Now.]

What’s there now? TBD

9. Dr. I.O. McCarty, Dentist (1906)

“Sonnoform administered”

[Same building as #6. Sonnoform an anesthetic held in a vial. The dentist broke the vial and wafted the fumes toward your nose to knock you out.]

10. Shedd and Lee, 115 E. Mountain

“Everything for the office but the secretary.”


[I just liked the tag line]

What’s there now? Two Pairs

11. Ladd’s Covered Wagon. 287 between FtC and LaPorte


[Fort Collins’ favorite restaurant in a giant Quonset Hut! Burned down.]

What’s there now? Vacant lot

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