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Hidden Fort Collins: Green Bay Packers trailer

The Green Bay Packers trailer home doesn’t belong on a Lost blog so much as a Hard-to-find blog. It’s hidden in plain site on our busiest street.

I think it’s symbolic of our tremendous tolerence. Because if you painted up your trailer home in Bronco Blue and Orange and perched it above mainstreet Wisconsin, […]

"You're a jerk": Then and now

It used to be a lot easier to tell people what you were thinking. […]

Fort Collins' shotgun houses

More common in New Orleans, these houses are less than 12′ across, designed for good airflow, and arranged so you can shoot a shotgun straight through from the front door to the back door. […]

11 Lost Fort Collins businesses

As I research historic Fort Collins, I come across pictures and advertisements for stores I wish I could visit. Except for #6, all were gone before I got here. If you know more about these places or want to contribute your own favorite lost businesses please write! […]

Andy Warhol befriends local cow

Real pop art in Fort Collins? You betcha! An Andy Warhol soup right in front of the old high school on Remington. See? We’re not a bunch of hicks. Here’s how we got the lawn art: […]

Seriously wide streets

Nobody articulates the cultural oppression of mid-century Fort Collins better than the unfortunate Bertram Wyatt Brown, a Baltimore academic who took his first job in 1964 at Colorado State University. […]