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Jack Benny Handprint Hoax!

You know that Jack Benny handprint downtown? It’s in front of the bank on the corner of Mountain and College.

I heard it’s not really Benny’s handprint.

In 1964, Jack was here celebrating Fort Collins 100th anniversary. (It could be that his mother lived here.) He and others dipped  hands in cement block, but then …

Well, the story goes, that the cement form was whisked to the east side of town to cure. And as the truck driver rumbled over so many railroad tracks, the cement responded like an Etch-a-sketch, erasing Benny’s hand.

The driver’s solution? Fix it with his own hands before the cement could dry.

3 distinguished handprints. Jack Benny's is center...supposedly.




I heard this from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from the driver. Gossip always makes the best history, doesn’t it?

7 comments to Jack Benny Handprint Hoax!

  • Jeudi


  • Carol

    This is astonishing! There have been recent discussions about how to preserve these prints so they do not continute to deteriorate. Last I heard the use of lucite was under consideration…

  • catfc

    Lucite? I wonder if they’ll try that in Hollywood. For the record, even I don’t believe this story 100%. I hope it doesn’t deter the handprints’ preservation!

  • cara neth

    About 15 years ago, we donated an original program to the Fort Collins Museum from the dedication ceremony at which the handprints were done. The event was tied in with the opening of the bank that used to be on that corner. The program had lots of nice photos, so whether the prints were real or not, we know Jack was here and left his mark!

    (This was one of the many interesting artifacts my husband salvaged during his years on a local trash-hauling crew…elderly folks would die, and relatives would just set out a lifetime of treasures with the trash.)

  • catfc

    I’ve got to find that brochure. I wonder if it’s in the museum or the archives. Anyone (Lesley) know?

  • Nisperos

    Jack Benny was Jewish. So he honors us with his presence and his hand print for the Fort Collins Centennial in 1964 and what happens?

  • catfc

    Cool details, thanks. I’m going to have to go see what’s left of that Meyer sign.