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Elephants on Oak Street

Coloradoan says Republicans so far outnumber Democrats in early voting here in Larimer County. “Corridors leading to the early voting site at the county courthouse, 200 W. Oak St., were busy all day,” it reads.

This calls for a visual metaphor:

This 1947 photo shows elephants marching from the train on Mason Street […]

Barack Obama comes to Fort Collins

I went to the Barack Obama rally today. I don’t stand in lines when I can avoid it, so listened from the railroad tracks that run by the Oval. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to have a moment:

Crowds gather on railroad tracks

I heard a woman ask, as she passed, […]

Blighted Fort Collins

Sweet peas bloom on site of old trailer park

Fort Collins recently found the area around College, just south of Prospect, blighted. It includes ChuckECheese, Dairy Queen, and early strip malls.

The area in the photo above is behind the strip malls. It was a trailer park, but it took the worst of […]

Center of everything or middle of nowhere?

From a 1956 Chamber of Commerce brochure.

(Of course, the “land area” argument was lost when Alaska was admitted to the union 3 years later. Let’s try not to be bitter when Sarah gets here on Monday, okay?)

Jack Benny Handprint Hoax!

You know that Jack Benny handprint downtown? It’s in front of the bank on the corner of Mountain and College.

I heard it’s not really Benny’s handprint.

In 1964, Jack was here celebrating Fort Collins 100th anniversary. (It could be that his mother lived here.) He and others dipped hands in cement block, but then […]