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Quonset Hunt

Lost Fort Collins was just supposed to be a blog about vanishing historic Fort Collins. Yet, the Quonset huts keep coming up. 

If you’re interested in Q-huts, you know they’re ubiquitous. So, what makes one even worth driving to see? 

Well, Norm and I have spent a significant amount of time in front of the Northern discussing just that topic. Here’s the answer:

1. It’s got to be old–vintage 1940s or 50s.

2. It’s got to be used for something besides storage. Extra points if someone lives in it.

3. Paint gets you points too.


A perfect find. Congratulations to Susan!

A perfect find. Congratulations to Susan!

Of course, these are all just guidelines. LostOregon posted a picture of a Qunoset hut that only met criterion #2, but was nonetheless spectacular. 


1 comment to Quonset Hunt

  • Garry Johnson

    The quonset huts were together as a “sub-division” for CSU students in the 1950’s… They were at the corner of Laurel and Washington ave’s where dormatory’s now reside. At some point in the early years, they were sold to anybody who wanted to move them to their own properties. One of the q-huts was a laundry with a cig machine… As a nasty youth I would buy my smokes there [.25 cents] and snoop into the q-huts… Great memory