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Art I would NOT like to see relocated

I love the Swetsville zoo and everything it stands for. Mr. Swets deserves all the recognition in the world. And I hope the city’s “lease” plan makes a good contribution to his retirement. But most of all, I hope this (from today’s Coloradoan) works out well. It makes me a little nervous. 

The widening of Harmony Road east of I-25 and reconstruction of a bridge over the Poudre River will take a portion of Swets’ property and require moving some of his statues, said Kyle Boyd, the town’s public information officer.

The town plans to lease up to 75 sculptures and place them in prominent places around town, including parks and other public areas.

Many are expected to go into a park that will be built on the north side of Harmony Road in conjunction with the development of a Walmart Supercenter, Boyd said. A portion of the realigned I-25 frontage road will be renamed Swetsville Zoo Road.

I think I’ll go over this weekend for one more quiet picnic at the zoo before it becomes part of the Supercenter.

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