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Children who work

I think any parent of a modern adolescent finds those pictures of child laborers in the early 20th century intriguing horrifying.

Just horrifying.

Henry, 14 years old

Yet, we marvel at what a 12-year-old could do if he had to. He could walk 8 blocks. He could stay off the couch most of […]

Quonset Hunt

Lost Fort Collins was just supposed to be a blog about vanishing historic Fort Collins. Yet, the Quonset huts keep coming up.

If you’re interested in Q-huts, you know they’re ubiquitous. So, what makes one even worth driving to see?

Well, Norm and I have spent a significant amount of time in front […]

Googie Fort Collins

Fort Collins is kind of uncool.

I don’t mean like bitter, mean, no fun uncool. I mean like we don’t have any cool googie architecture –that 50s/60s atomic boomerang look. We have a little bit, and we used to have a little bit more:

Butterfly roofline on old dairy building, LaPorte and Meldrum.

Art I would NOT like to see relocated

I love the Swetsville zoo and everything it stands for. Mr. Swets deserves all the recognition in the world. And I hope the city’s “lease” plan makes a good contribution to his retirement. But most of all, I hope this (from today’s Coloradoan) works out well. It makes me a little nervous.

The widening […]

Dying art

In 1984, Fort Collins paid local artist, Richard Scorpio, $2000 to transform a dead tree in front of City Hall into a contemporary statue. Dance formation was here to “demonstrate the concept of art in public places.” Ceremonies followed.

20 years later, however, the piece moved into a patch of weeds at Martinez Park. […]