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Tour of historic neighborhood grocery stores

Lost Fort Collins just posted a new page (see the tabs above): “Tour de neighborhood markets.” It’s a suggested bike tour of >15 former grocery stores in old town that are now mostly just peoples’ funny-looking houses.

Some people say that neighborhood markets faded when big supermarkets came to town. But that’s not entirely […]

Vintage house eaten alive!

All wooden and blue

I know I said we weren’t going to talk about Quonset huts anymore. But I found this picture I wanted to show you of one up in Buckeye-a small rural town 10 miles north of Fort Collins. All wooden and blue.

From http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:DSCN0534_quonsethutbuckeye_e_300.jpg

Vintage playground

There used to be one exactly like this in City Park, in the 50s, says my friend Norm. He would know–he grew up right across the street.

Playground at Ayers

Today, you have to look hard to find retro playground equipment. I’ve already seen City Park replace its heavy plastic sets 3 times in […]

Quonset hut!

This town is awash in Quonset huts.

Funny thing: You can live here for decades and not even notice. Like, most of us can remember a Q-hut on Riverside Avenue as you drive into town. But in fact, it’s a row of FOUR Q-huts (technically on Jefferson). See:

4 Quonset huts on Jefferson Ave


Basement houses

To be honest, when we had basement houses, they used to make me look away.

As a girl coming from a part of the country that had no basements, I thought these roof-on-a-foundation homes reminded me too much of those legless men on skateboards in Tijuana. Interesting, really interesting. But you don’t want to gawk.


Ghost sign revealed!

The demolition of the buildings on the Farmers Insurance (see previous post) lot has revealed a Pepsi ghost sign on the side of the Food Coop.

I wonder if that’s going to be a problem for them.

It’s only half there, but the half that’s there looks fresh compared to our other faded signs (note […]

Milk truck incident

The milk man took the corner too fast and a crate of full bottles flew off his truck–right onto my street.

Some neighbors came out to help clean up. Some just came out to take pictures for their blog.

Trouble at the frat house

Sigma alpha epsilon at CSU lost its charter. I think it was for getting teenage girls drunk–like, go to the emergency room drunk. Now the 1926 frat house is being replaced with something else, says the Coloradoan.

See those crumbling walls beside the stair? They used to hold the golden lions.

And […]