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We’ll never miss it: 262 E. Mountain

The Farmer’s Insurance building is soon to scraped in favor of a new/old building more befitting downtown Fort Collins’ character. 262 E. Mountain was built in the 1970s and it looks like this:

Almost no building from the 70s is worth saving. I get that.

Wanna see what was there BEFORE the Farmer’s Insurance building?

1969 262 E. Mountain

1969 262 E. Mountain

That wasn’t worth saving either.

Many buildings in Fort Collins’ history fail to fit our current view of downtown’s character. Which means we can look forward to more brick with canvas awnings as we continue to create our theme park past. That’s more or less okay with me. It’s clean. It’s happy. Worse things go on in the world.

But it does seem like we lose a certain sense of continuity….

1 comment to We’ll never miss it: 262 E. Mountain

  • Hello Cat,

    I wonder if we’ve met? I’ve been in Fort Collins quite a while too.
    Do you know anything about an architect who is said to have built the place that used to be the old hospital, and then became an apartment building? I forget what street it’s on, somewhere in Old Town. But I was told this guy Montezuma Jones designed it and several other local buildings. Is this ringing a bell?
    I’ve written for some local papers but never managed to get anybody to assign me to write about Montezuma Jones, if I even have the name right, if he even ever existed.

    Best of all possible regards,