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Joe’s Auto Upholstery: 247 Linden

As art galleries, clubs, boutiques, and cafes seep into every storefront on Linden Street, Joe’s Auto Upholstery somehow endures. Since 1945.

A few months ago, I took some cracking vinyl cushions there to be recovered. The guy who does the work figures out your estimate using chalk on his workbench. You can talk time lines, […]

Pickle factory

This building at Riverside and Mulberry, right as you drive into downtown, used to be the Western Food Products Co. pickle factory. “Destroyed in an arson-caused fire May 29th, 1990,” says the Triangle Review, our previous alt-weekly.

I recall that until recently there was more left of it, but I can’t find a recent picture. […]

We’ll never miss it: 262 E. Mountain

The Farmer’s Insurance building is soon to scraped in favor of a new/old building more befitting downtown Fort Collins’ character. 262 E. Mountain was built in the 1970s and it looks like this:

Almost no building from the 70s is worth saving. I get that.

Wanna see what was there BEFORE the Farmer’s Insurance […]